Dali Low Entry 24 Volt



Dali-Low Entry 24 volt – the low-entry bed



    The Dali-Low-Entry bed enhances the safety of its occupants and helps to reduce liberty-restricting restraint measures. This follows the approach of the Werdenfelser Path. The care bed can be assembled and dismantled by just one person, without tools, within a matter of minutes. No leakage current testing is necessary during or beyond the expected service life of the bed thanks to the 24 volt system.

The advantages

With its lowest entry height of just 22 cm, the Dali-Low Entry makes an important contribution to preventing falls.

The key points at a glance

  • Mattress base adjustable from 22 – 62 cm
  • With 24 volt drive system
  • Reverse-Trendelenburg position adjustable by tilting the mattress base
  • High-quality, rugged Tente castors
  • Handset with selective locking function



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